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As L. Sullivan once said: "Forms always follows function"

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

- Virginia Woolf

Discover. Explore. Let your self go through the sound. Be amazed.



A small collections of pieces, poems, essays, short stories and articles that I wrote in the digital ecosystem.


The mirror

no one knows the other side of the mirror
not even the sage

nobody takes care
of those who wander
on its canvas

they are naked
in front of doors
from another land

in their dreams we see them

in their dreams they smell us

no one knows the other side of the mirror
an unnavigable sea of eyes
haunts for our flesh
the gate of reflections.


Militancies of the new century: A short essay on movement and stillness

The opposite of movement is not stillness. In the existence nothing is still, therefore, only movement exists, but what is then stillness? According to Plato’s disciple Xenocrates, everything arises between “the one”, which constitutes stillness and good, and “the multiple”, which constitutes movement and evil. The ideologue of the revolutionary bourgeoisie of the 18th century, Denis Diderot, illustrious French philosopher and materialist, conceived movement not only as a mechanical displacement, but also as an internal force of matter: “Absolute stillness is an abstraction: there is none In nature”.


Dalí; the monster

“It is Sunday afternoon. God takes an infusion of violets for dessert to complete his festive meal, emits vaporizations of an inexpressible sacred odor and summons all the angels to sing their favorite Bach chorus for Him. Shortly after, Salvador Dalí arrives, with permission from purgatory, arranges his easel and works on the portrait of The Creator”. According to Robert Descharnes, co-author of, “Dalí. L’ oeuvre peint complet”, “Salvador is the only modern painter who has received a commission from God”. We can not account for that commission, but there are hints of Dalí’s approach to his own work. At his thirty seven years of age, Dali wrote in his autobiography: The secret of Salvador Dalí life. “In order to conceal and at the same time, reveal, my method is: to subtly hint at the possible presence of internal injuries, while at the same time, and in a completely different location, plucking the bare tendons of the human guitar”.


Let's create something!

I have been designing websites for almost eight years now, and I can tell you, there is no end to this. Web Design is constantly evolving, the ecosystem morphs along with the technologies that nourish it. However, the pandemic scenario has fueled the small fraction of market that still resisted the inevitable. As a result, there is a new boom. It’s all about internet experiences and its capabilities. If you are interested in setting up your digital environment, either for your self or your project, send me a message; it does not matter in which part of the world you live in, I can help.

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Redesign Work

Doctums Website

Education is the future, so this project was definitely exciting. Doctums Global is full of smart and experienced people, their services are great and their role to play in the upcoming boost in the tech ed industry, I assure you, will be remarkable.

Case Study

Altazor Creative Writing

A dynamic and creative workshop that brings the culture of reading and writing to the people.

Gabriel Rodríguez runs this incredible workshop. For almost nine years he has teach to many people at the Biblioteca Departamental del Valle. The workshop has grown now and with the pandemic scenario the new virtual format has allowed the workshop to expand to other continents. This is definitely, a must visit.

Jonathan Lerma Design - La Mochila de Milino

La Mochila de Milino

La Mochila de Milino is a beautiful, sustainable and conscious space build upon cooperation. It seeks the benefit of companion animals and the mental health of their guardians through two fundamental pillars, cooperation and constant learning.


Peace & Guidance

This powerful portal is a hub for development and growth. Here you can listen to teachers from all around the world sharing one single experience of transformation.



Smart Internal Linking

Search engines will love your website. Besides, a solid internal linking structure SEO-wise can help further to index the pages on your site.

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Want to create
something special?

I have work with many designers, developers, marketers, product designers, video producers and many other talented people. Time has unite us in a common purpose. Although each one of us has it’s own projects and agendas, we can always come together to support the growth of a big project.

Create your app

If your project is to create an app, yes, I can also do that, we can put the team together to help give birth to your project and develop for web, android or iOS / iPadOS.

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Good Design is as little design as possible

Good design is honest- Dieter Rams

Let's "talk"!

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